18/05/2018 17:56 BST | Updated 18/05/2018 17:58 BST

Photo Of Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns In Crazy Slippers Becomes A Magical Meme

As the actor filmed a scene for an upcoming movie, all Twitter could see was Harry Potter.

Accio jokes.

Earlier this week, a few British outlets published photos of Daniel Radcliffe  filming a scene for his upcoming action comedy “Guns Akimbo.”

One of these images features the former “Harry Potter” star looking pretty unhinged as he totes two guns in a robe and crazy tiger-foot slippers.

Daniel Radcliffe looking menacing while shooting guns and wearing tiger feet onset of "Guns Akimbo" in Auckland, New Zealand on May 6.

Once this particular image made its way to Twitter Wednesday, users had a pretty difficult time seeing past the Boy Who Lived, and a pretty magical meme was quickly conjured.

Here are some solid jokes (some of which aren’t Harry Potter-related but were too good not to include) that would even make Minerva McGonagall crack a smile: