Danny Dyer Defends His Daughter, Dani, Following Mark Wright Drama

'Go away busy b***ocks. Leave the kid alone.'

Danny Dyer has publicly defended his daughter, Dani, after his family’s latest dispute with Mark Wright.

Over the weekend, it was claimed that Danny was set upon by five of Mark’s friends behind the scenes at V Festival, following a long-standing public row between the two men.

The ‘EastEnders’ actor’s daughter, Dani, was present at the scene, and later voiced her reaction to the reports surrounding the incident on Twitter, during which she admitted to goading Mark beforehand.

<strong>Danny Dyer</strong>
Danny Dyer
Ian West/PA Archive

She’s since been on the receiving end of some rather unpleasant comments, with her famous dad swooping in to defend her.

One Twitter user - who has since removed their tweet - wrote to Dani: “You and your family should sort this [out] discreetly and not… all over Twitter. Your parents should be ashamed swearing.”

Upon seeing the tweet, Danny wrote back: “Go away busy bollocks. Leave the kid alone. It’s hard being discreet when you’re famous.”

He added: “I’m not ashamed. NEVER.”

Danny first broke his silence on the incident on Monday (22 August), fuming: “No daughter should have 2 see their old man being toe punted in the nut by 5 complete pricks.”

<strong>Mark Wright</strong>
Mark Wright
Danny Martindale via Getty Images

The alleged physical altercation came just days after Mark’s brother Joshua claimed that Danny had been on the receiving end of a “slap” from Mark at a charity football game.

When Danny made a public dig at Heart FM - where Mark works as a DJ - and a brand of yoghurt that he endorses, Joshua wrote: “You must still be hurting from when Mark gave you a slap in the changing room that day.get over it you melt [sic].”

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