30/04/2017 15:31 BST | Updated 30/04/2017 15:39 BST

David Cameron 'Buys £25,000 Shed To Write In' And People Can't Cope

Are we still 'all in this together'?

A man has bought a shed. 

It’s a very expensive shed, thought to have cost about £25,000 - almost as much as the average UK salary.

The owner of this fancy new Cotswolds 16ft by 7ft hut is former Prime Minister David Cameron.

The former Tory leader, who once claimed “we are all in this together”, said he needs the luxury shed to write in. 

He’s even willing to take on his children to make sure they can’t get their hands on the property.

The purchase has, understandably, drawn scorn and ridicule since hitting the headlines on Sunday:

It costs nearly the same amount as the average salary:

It’s clear we’re not ‘all in this together’:

It’s alright folks, it’s actually a caravan: