Euro 2016: Dad Reunited With Lost Son In Paris Thanks To Chanting Football Fans

'Stand up, if you are his dad!'

A dad was reunited with his 13-year-old son in Paris during Euro 2016, thanks to the chanting of football fans.

David Watkins, 58, had spent more than 20 minutes looking for his son Tom.

Watkins and Tom's brother Ben, 15, explained they had been distracted by fans dancing and looked around to see Tom had gone.

"He thought he had walked off in front of us so I went charging through the crowds but he was actually behind us."

Tom (left) and Ben (right) with their dad.
Tom (left) and Ben (right) with their dad.

Watkins said his "heart was pounding" when he was searching for Tom, as he had no idea how he would be able to find his way back to them.

While his family were searching, Tom found a policeman.

It was the police officer's idea to approach the singing football fans to get them to help reunite the teenager with his brother and dad.

The fans chanted: "Stand up, if you are his dad" and "David, David, here's your son".

One of the fans, Jason Pocock, 28, said when they saw Watkins making his way through the crowd the "place went wild" and everyone began celebrating.

Watkins added: "The one thing I didn't think I could count on was those fans doing that. They hoisted him up and started chanting, it was unbelievable."

This isn't the first time football fans have lent a helping hand to parents during Euro 2016.


Earlier in June 2016, a video that was filmed on a train in Bordeaux surfaced showing Irish football fans serenading a baby.

Despite their team losing 3-0 to Belgium the previous day, the group of men happily turned their attention to the baby girl sat on her dad’s lap and broke out into song.

A passenger on the train managed to capture the whole recital of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ as the baby stared back at them.

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