18/10/2018 16:34 BST | Updated 19/10/2018 09:47 BST

EXCLUSIVE: Davina McCall Breaks Silence On 'Big Brother' Axe: 'It Needs Resting For A Little Bit'

But the former host doesn't want to believe this is the end (again).

Davina McCall has said she believes ‘Big Brother’ needs to be “rested” before returning to find a new audience. 

As speculation continues to swirl as to whether the reality show will find a new home after Channel 5′s decision to axe it, the former presenter has called for it to take some time away from the schedules. 

However, Davina, also admitted she does not see this as the end of the road for ‘Big Brother’, which she hosted from 2000 to 2010. 

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Davina McCall

Speaking for the first time about Big Brother’s demise, Davina told HuffPost UK: “I definitely think it needs resting for a little bit. I think if you rest it, you can muck about with it a little bit and come back to a new audience. The ‘Big Brother’ addicts will still be there, the transient viewers will move on and then you’ll be new and fresh to a whole new, young audience. But it’s got such a name for itself, I still can’t think that it’s over.

“It’s a new beginning, but don’t say it’s going forever, because I can’t imagine it will.”

She continued: “I really quite enjoyed ‘The Circle’ and maybe ‘Big Brother’ finishing, that is the chance for a new birth of programme. Maybe they will take tips from other shows like that and bring it back revamped.”

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Davina during the last episode of 'Big Brother' on Channel 4 in 2010

Asked how she felt about the news Channel 5 had dropped the show, Davina described it as a “weird” feeling, having previously been forced to say goodbye when Channel 4 axed it in 2010.

Revealing she had also discussed the axe with current host Emma Willis, she said: “I spoke to Emma quite quickly afterwards. I know what that’s like - it’s weird. It’s been a big part of her life, and it was a massive part of mine for a number of years. It’s like saying goodbye to a friend.

“Emma’s got an amazing career so she’s got nothing to worry about, it’s just weird.”

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Emma Willis is the current host of 'Big Brother'

With many fans calling for her to make a final appearance during the last episode next month, Davina admitted she was resistant because she didn’t want to eclipse Emma’s own farewell to the show. 

Revealing she was unsure of logistics given she away filming a new series of ‘The 100K Drop’ in Manchester, Davina said: “If I’m honest, I’d love to say goodbye in some way, but I think this is Emma’s moment.

“It’s her series and I think she should get to do it all on her own.”

Asked for her thoughts on the current, and seemingly final, series, which has been praised by long-term fans for its back-to-basics approach, she added: “It has gone quite old school, in a good way. I haven’t been able to dedicate enough time to it but I wish I had been. I would have loved this series and everyone has told me about it.”

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