Davina McCall Performed A Rectal Examination During ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ And Twitter Couldn’t Handle It

'That was way too good for her first time'.

No one could accuse Davina McCall of not getting stuck into her job, and she did just that - literally - during this year’s ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ fundraiser.

In what we’re assuming is a TV first, the presenter performed a rectal examination during Friday night’s Channel 4 special to show viewers that it could save their life.

Thankfully, it was on a very non-human bottom, but anyone tuning in at that point could easily have thought otherwise.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter couldn’t quite handle the sight of Davina with her finger up a bum despite Channel 4’s assurance that it was a “mechanical rectum”.

“Can’t stress enought that this is a mechanical rectum and needn’t cause any offcent... @davina’s good at this. #StandUpToCancer,” they tweeted.

Nevertheless, viewers still wanted to air their thoughts on the matter...

More than £15 million was raised during Friday night’s fundraiser. To do your bit and donate to this year’s campaign, visit www.standuptocancer.org.uk

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