Penis Size: Do Small Hands Mean You've Got A Small Member?

Penis myths, busted.

We all know what they say about guys with big feet. But does the same theory hold true for men with tiny hands?

A study found "shaky" evidence linking digit ratio of the second and fourth finger to hormonal exposure in the womb, which "may correlate with penile size", says Trace Dominguez from D News.

The study, which observed hand and penis size of Korean men, was published in the Asian Journal of Andrology in 2013.

Since then, researchers have looked at and reviewed tens of thousands of male members to determine whether penis size correlates with the size of other body parts.

They found average penis size had no strong correlation with testicular size or weight - or anything really, for that matter.

The review was published in the journal BJU International.

Finally, men who have big feet don't necessarily have a big penis either.

A study of 104 men by St Mary's Hospital and University College Hospital, London, found no correlation between shoe size and penis size.

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