19/09/2017 21:59 BST

‘Doctor Foster’ Series 2 Episode 3 Review: 12 Burning Questions We Have After This Week's Episode Of Suranne Jones’s Hit BBC Drama

Including one amateur filmmaker, one potentially damaging secret and one controversial plate.

As another dramatic episode of ‘Doctor Foster’ draws to a close, we’re pleased to say that some of the questions we had at the end of last week’s instalment have finally been answered.

The only thing is, episode three only left us with even more, and with Gemma and Tom seemingly bidding farewell to Parminster in the last scene, we’re intrigued as to the direction the show is going to take in the final two parts of the current series. 

Suranne Jones as Gemma Foster

That’s not the only thing that’s got us pondering, though, and here are just 12 of the other questions left on our mind following the third episode of the series, starting with the most important...

1. What’s next for Gemma and Tom?

With two episodes to go, surely this can’t be it for their time in Parminster?

From what we’ve seen of Gemma until now, we know she’s not one to take things lying down, and while w e don’t doubt she’d be willing to put her vengeance aside for the sake of her son, it still feels a little out of character that she’d drive away, put her house up for sale and let that be the end of it.

2. Did Simon somehow orchestrate this entire situation?

We can’t help but notice that, after 15-year-old Tom spent a couple of days at his dad’s house, things have all of a sudden taken a massive turn in Simon’s favour.

Obviously Tom is responsible for his own actions, both in the way he’s attacked Max and sexually assaulted Isobel, but the fallout from both have seen Gemma playing exactly into Simon’s hands, so we’re curious to know just how much he’s been pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Bertie Carvel plays Simon in 'Doctor Foster'

3. Did Gemma deliberately get caught out with her camera?

Let’s be honest, she wasn’t exactly doing everything within her power to disguise it, was she? Is there another part to her plan that viewers haven’t been let in on… or did she maybe really just fancy one last roll in the hay with her ex?

4. Speaking of cameras, who was filming Tom when he kicked off at Max and Isobel, and why?

Simon was sent the video, but he didn’t reveal why it was sent? Plus, it looked like the group had been having a totally innocent conversation prior to this, why were they being filmed just going about their business?

5. Is Tom going to tell Kate about his parents’ *ahem* reunion?

Given how quick he was to spill the beans to James, what would stop him from blabbing to Kate, particularly after his dad gave him that whole speech about how married couples don’t keep secrets from one another?

6. Seriously, what did Simon tell his son to turn him against his mum?

We’ve been wondering this for weeks now, and we still don’t have an answer. Episode three saw Tom angrily saying to his dad, “you told me about mum”... but what about her, Tom? What about her??

7. Has Anna got a point about Gemma holding on to her old life because she wants Simon to come back?

When Simon suggested this earlier in the series, we figured he was just being deliberately cruel, but after seeing the former couple’s passionate scenes in this week’s episode, we can’t help thinking Anna might have a point. Even thought it’s been taken out of her hands, maybe leaving the area really is the best thing for Gemma? 

8. What else has Tom overheard through those “thin walls”...?

As if hearing your parents passionately going at it wasn’t bad enough, we all know by now the Foster household has been host to plenty of unusual behaviour over the years.  It might not just be sex that Tom is sick of overhearing, but scheming and plotting too.

9. ...And how much of it has he shared with Anna?

Tom let slip that his neighbour was one of the few people he trusted, has he been confiding in her about his home life more than we viewers realise? And does that mean she’s privvy to more information about the Fosters than Gemma would care for her to know?

Tom Taylor as Tom

10. Who’s going to get custody of Anna and Neil’s big plate?

Hopefully this matter will be given its own BBC Two spinoff.

11. What about James?

He’s put up with plenty in the past three episodes, but is Gemma fleeing the area after her son confessed that she’d cheated on him with her ex-husband going to be the final straw?

12. Is she really going to drive all that way in her bridesmaid dress?

Not exactly built for comfort, are they? Hopefully she’s got some flat shoes and tracksuit bottoms stashed in the boot for the first service station they come across.

Hopefully these questions will be answered in next week’s ‘Doctor Foster’, which kicks off on Tuesday (26 September) at 9pm on BBC One.

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