Dog Abandoned On London Bus In Leytonstone Prompts Social Media Appeal

'Help get him home.'

A desperate search is underway to find the owner of a dog who was abandoned on a London bus on Thursday night.

The driver of the bus posted a picture of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross on social media in a bid to trace the owner.

The forlorn pet had been left in the pram and wheelchair section of the 97 bus.

This happened last night in Leytonstone. Poor soul was left on the bus. Please repost #lostdog #leytonstone

A photo posted by Louise Glazebrook (@darlingdog) on

The bus's driver, Amos Paul Mak, said in a post on Facebook that he had offered to take the dog home, but that he was told he could not do so because of company regulations.

Pictures of the abandoned pet are being shared on social media in an attempt to trace the owner.

The Evening Standard reported that Mak posted on Facebook: "[The dog is] Affectionate enough but scared.

“Tried to move it onto another bus as the one it’s on is needed in service, [but] he won’t budge.

“Loves being rubbed around the head nice enough fella.”

He added: “It won’t move, it will stay on that bus til morning. I'm not allowed to take him in case he bites.”

A Transport for London spokesman said that staff tried to get the dog off the bus but it was frightened and would not leave.

The dog stayed on the bus overnight until being collected by a dog warden.

A Newham Council spokesperson said: “This dog is currently being looked after by our animal welfare team while we try to locate its owner.

"If anyone recognises this dog, please contact the team on 020 8586 9739.”

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