Service Dog Having His Caricature Drawn At Disneyland Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Cannot. Cope.

A well-behaved service dog is melting hearts across the world after having his caricature drawn at Disneyland.

The adorable photo was shared on Twitter by user Katie (@CutieChaser_), who said that her parents were holidaying in Disneyland and had spotted the incredibly obedient dog posing for a portrait.

Of course, they felt obliged to take a snap of the wonderful feat taking place before their very eyes.

And, thank goodness, they then sent it to their daughter, who took it upon herself to share it with the world.

Katie, 26, told BuzzFeed News that her parents have Disneyland passes, so they regularly visit the park and send their daughter photos.

And this one was just too cute not to share.

The glorious snap has since been retweeted more than 50,000 times and has brought a hearty dollop of happiness to a whole load of people.

One Twitter user wrote: “I’ve never seen something so pure.”

Another added: “I’m crying real tears.”

More photos of the dog and its finished portrait have since emerged online, as well as a shot of the pooch appearing to kiss Pluto.

While thousands of people have commented on the tweet with messages of adoration, perhaps Twitter user Eric Gelb summed up everyone’s feelings the best.

“This is why I live,” he said.

Yes Eric, yes it is.