5 Cute Animals To End The Week: Dog Is Over Walking And Koala Rocks Arm Cast

Your favourite weekly animal round-up is here 🐶

Last week, we brought you Grumpy Cat’s protégé, and this week we’re bringing you the dog who literally would not get up for a walk because she just wants to lay down.

No but seriously, you know that feeling when you’re in bed and cannot move? Yeah, that.

Onwards and upwards...

1. Dog Is All Of Us At The End Of A Busy Week.

She just needs a rest, alright?

2. Koala Gets Tiny Arm Cast After Falling From A Tree.

This little koala broke her arm after falling off a tree at a plantation in Melbourne, Australia – poor thing. She was also recently orphaned and handed into the kind folk and Weribee Open Range Zoo, who took care of her.

They fitted the tiny cast (watch the video below to see) after an X-ray revealed her injury. An animal carer is looking after her for the next few months until she’s released into the wild.

3. Pup Rocks Her Puppy Dog Eyes For 16 Years.

This little’un celebrated a birthday this week – and even though she’s now sweet 16, she still rocks the same adorable puppy dog eyes she did when she was four months old.

She knows how to get what she wants.

4. Cat Gets ID Photo And Looks Pretty Scary.

We guess it makes sense for the vets to have a snap of their animals on record, but there’s something about this shot that makes it look a little... scary.

Just us?

5. Cat And Dog Are Forever (Matching) Friends

Your cat and dog aren’t the best of friends unless they nap in matching positions. Too cute.