Dogs At Polling Stations Are The Most Interesting Thing About The 2016 Elections

Sorry Fido, voting is for humans.

If last year's general election taught us anything, it's that polling day can be a bit dull - that's why everyone on Twitter was mostly paying attention to #DogsAtPollingStations.

The same is happening this year, with lots of people fawning over these poor pups who can't vote.

This pooch doesn't seem to worried about not being allowed in

But this one seems a bit more downtrodden about not being able to take part

This grumpy pup obviously isn't too pleased with the lack of treats

Whereas this one is just begging to get into the polling booth

This adorable Pomeranian is VERY excited about democracy

Some pups can't have been old enough to vote

Apparently this little guy managed to sneak through and put in a ballot

But we don't think this little guy will be able to hold a pen

This pup is probably wondering where the Canine Equality Party candidate is

This little one is clearly thrilled about democracy

Whereas this one just looks like he'll be happy when the scary Conservative lady leaves him alone

Meanwhile, this little fluffball has taken some time out of her busy schedule of being adorable to pop down to the polling station

You can see the #SadnessInHisEyes

Blimey, voting is exhausting!

Rufus seems thrilled about the chance to place his vote

This cutie didn't mind enjoying the sun outside the polling place

This small pup doesn't seem best pleased about the choice of candidates


#vote #dogsatpollingstations #sausagedog #dachshund

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Couple of swing voters here weighing up the pros and cons

Holly the chihuahua has cast her vote

This left-leaning beagle has voted too

Look Left Like Lola! #dogsatpollingstations #beaglestagram #London #change

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Be careful not to bin your vote at this polling station!

This beautiful dog seems relieved to have it over and done with

A Woof! #whitegermanshepherd #dogsatpollingstations

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Whereas this one is feeling very left out of the democratic process

At least it's a nice day for waiting outside

But things kicked off a bit too early for this one

This is probably the most majestic one we've seen

Or maybe this one...

Go to vote! #labour #vote #pollingstation #avoteforlabourisavoteforanimalrights

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This is the face of a very disillusioned pooch

This adorable puppy is DEFINITELY too young to vote!

Olive doesn't seem too thrilled

But this one is VERY happy

I've done my business. #dogsofinstagram #dogsatpollingstations #staffie #akita #doglog #lunakita

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And this cutie is ecstatic to spread the anti-Ukip message

Voted. So should you. Worcester says just DON'T vote ukip #dogsatpollingstations #vote

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Surely he couldn't get to the ballot box with those tiny legs?

Thanks to Instagram filters, this picture almost looks like something from the olden days

Me and Frankel just voted, you should too! #elections #dogsatpollingstations

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These two are obviously just waiting to go for lunch

Love taking my girls with me to vote

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So is this one

This little lady loves voting almost as much as she loves treats

Hey, is that democracy I smell?


Lucy looks chuffed to be part of the electoral process

These two are just enjoying the nice weather

For Nicola Sturgeon's sake, hopefully this doggy won't feel nature calling

Sadly these two are unable to vote today

Even canines have strong political allegiances - is this the cutest campaigner you've ever seen?

Or maybe this one?

Or this one?

This one is very majestic

This little guy is eager to get involved


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This one, not so much

But Susie just loves chilling out outside the polling place

This pup seems a bit confused by the gates

This one looks sceptical


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This one is disappointed to not be at the park

I thought we were going to the field with my balls! #dogsatpollingstations

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This face just screams "I only came for the biscuits"

Another very majestic pup

Some pups are trying their best to encourage humans to exercise their right to vote

By just being adorable

Some polling places have been catering for the influx of pets

Benny is the cutest voter

Will this one be voting for a far right party?

Looks like this pup has made its choice

Wonder who this cutie voted for?

Enjoy the cool breeze

#election #vote #haveyoursay #dogsatpollingstations #pollingday

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These beauties were lucky enough to go inside

How will these two vote? One's leaning left, one wants to go right

"I don't even know what voting is. I have no idea what I'm doing here."

#DogsAtPollingStations ❌❌❌

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"We're just happy to be out of the house"

Hopefully no "spoiled" ballot papers from these dogs...

This adorable little pooch could definitely convince us to vote

Look at those ears!

This politically named pup is enjoying the spirit of the day

Here's another very happy dog

Monty is feeling pretty chill about the whole thing

Apparently this dog doesn't like left wingers

Cassandra managed to turn out this year

Definitely one of the smallest dogs to pop up at a polling station today

This lovely dog is clearly contemplating the state of British politics in the modern era

Nice to see a King Charles Spaniel getting involved with democracy

Voted #DogsofInsta #Sheffield #Darcy #KingCharlesSpaniel #dogsatpollingstations

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This one seems a bit bored of the whole thing


"Got my polling card"

We've voted. Have you? #dogsatpollingstations

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"I want two dog biscuits for every like this gets on Instagram"

Malfi exercising his democratic right #dogsatpollingstations

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Gotta love those cake crumbs

"At least it's not the vet's"

Lots of sausage dogs about today!

Lots of "dog whistle politics" jokes too...

Even the cone of shame couldn't stop this pug

"I'm not sure you should be voting for him, Isabella."

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there

Councillors brought their dogs along too

Some pets aren't quite so cooperative

This one was enjoying the grass too much to go inside

Kylie and Oscar decided to vote Labour

Milton just showed up for the sun

This little cutie happily waited outside

Look at the adorable little tongue!

"Come on, let's get this over with, I've got butts to sniff"

Another Tory pooch...

Sadie's enjoying polling day

More dachshunds!

Another adorable little ball of fluff

"Throw us a bone when you're done"

#dogsatpollingstations #dogsofinstagram #hotdog Betsy is bang on trend today! #cockapoo

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This dog must be very confused with a name like Rabbit

The Greens have got some canine support

Apparently this dog is sassing up the place

These two are soooo cute!

This lovely dog turned out despite being a bit knackered

"Know who you're voting for yet?"


#dogsatpollingstations Ellie gets her teeth into the issues in Carrickfergus.

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"I can't even read"

Sparky loves the electoral process

#dogsatpollingstations #dogsofinstagram Sparky at #YateleyEast #Hart #Hampshire

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This grumpy pug really wants to vote

"The Green Party? I don't even know what green is."

"This is so unoriginal, Stuart."

Few write-in votes from these two

Someone was keen on affecting the outcome of the elections

"We can't believe you woke us up for this"


Polling Day Voters