30/03/2019 20:59 GMT | Updated 30/03/2019 21:20 GMT

Dominic Raab Is Being Mocked For His Bizarre Windowsill Book Display During A TV Interview

"This is an amazing insight in to very fragile ego."

It can be safely assumed that Dominic Raab does not have a library in his house.

Or if he does, perhaps the lighting wasn’t sufficient for a live interview on the BBC on Friday.

But how does a Tory MP convey his well-read and knowledgable depths without a library? With a hastily cobbled together pile of books on a window sill of course.

But nine books does not a library make, and more than a few people, including Labour’s Jess Phillips, chipped in with their own analysis of the window dressing.

The responses to Phillips’ tweet ranged from the witty...

... to the downright brutal.

And what were the books chosen for this moment?

That’s right, some classic US politics biographies and a tome on the life and times of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Back in the real world behind those blinds that have been rendered useless by the pile of books, Raab on Friday declared he will back Theresa May’s EU Withdrawal Agreement in a crunch Commons vote on the day the UK was scheduled to leave the European Union.

He is is the latest in a string of prominent rebels against the Prime Minister’s plan who have set aside their previous opposition in the hope of ensuring the UK leaves the EU on May 22.

But it remained unclear whether the reluctant support of hardline Brexiteers such as Raab, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Iain Duncan Smith will be sufficient to secure victory for Mrs May.