01/08/2017 16:46 BST

Donald Trump Celebrates 'A Great Day At The White House' Following Anthony Scaramucci's Swift Dismissal

He has basically become that meme.

Despite the US administration undergoing one of its most disruptive weeks, President Donald Trump appears to be under the illusion that everything is A-okay.

Yesterday’s dismissal of Trump’s, ahem, colourful communications director Anthony Scaramucci comes after he managed to offend several of Trump’s staff in just ten days on the job, including his since-resigned chief of staff Reince Priebus. The White House said Scaramucci is out to allow incoming chief of staff John Kelly “a clean slate” to build his team.

Now Trump, in an apparent attempt to do some damage control for the clear chaos going on around him, has taken to his favourite mode of communication to let the public know that everything’s going swimmingly.

That’s right, he has basically become the Everything Is Fine meme.

People are straight-up confused whether he’s actually aware of what’s going on.

People actually feel kinda sorry for Scaramucci, who has lost his job and reportedly his wife in the same week.

But, being Twitter, people have managed to find some humour in the situation.

As they say, in the ever-appropriate words of Queen, Another One Bites The Dust.