24/01/2017 09:09 GMT | Updated 24/01/2017 09:10 GMT

Donald Trump Is 'Excited' About Meeting Theresa May

We're sure the feeling's mutual.

The special relationship between Britain and the US “can always be closer”, the White House has said, as it’s revealed Donald Trump is “excited” about meeting Theresa May.

President Trump will have a “great conversation” about the potential for trade with the UK, his press secretary Sean Spicer said on Monday.

The prime minister will become the first foreign leader to meet the new president for talks. 

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Donald Trump is said to be "excited" to meet Theresa May, his press secretary revealed
Theresa May will become the first foreign leader to meet the new president

Spicer said the visit, a week after President Trump’s inauguration, reflects the historic ties between the two countries.

“I think we have always had that special relationship with Britain and that reflects in the Prime Minister’s first visit here,” he told reporters at the White House.

“He’s had a great conversation with her and he looks forward to having her here but we can always be closer.”

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Sean Spicer said the visit reflects the historic ties between the US and Britain
Theresa May will visit President Trump at the White House on Friday

May will use the meeting to make the case for increasing free trade between Britain and the US.

But Trump has been clear that he believes international trade deals have been damaging for American industry.

Spicer said there would be a “new era of trade policy” that would “put American workers first and foremost”.

He added: “We are excited that Prime Minister May is coming on Friday. We look forward to it.

“I’m sure that there will be discussion of trade. The degree to which, I don’t know yet.

“I don’t believe we have any plans right now for a joint press conference. That’s something that our team will be working out with Prime Minister May.

“When he talks to Prime Minister May he is going to have a great conversation about the potential for greater trade with the UK.”

The prime minister will travel to the United States on Thursday when she will become the first foreign serving head of state or government to address the annual congressional Republican retreat, when it gathers for its 30th anniversary in Philadelphia.

In her meeting with President Trump, the PM will stress the “importance of Nato as the bulwark of our defence”, following his description of the transatlantic security alliance as “obsolete”.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon talked to US counterpart James Mattis in a “very warm” telephone conversation on Monday, the Press Association reported.

He said: “We talked of our joint leadership in Nato, including modernising the Alliance and how we ensure that all members meet the Nato 2% spending commitment alongside America and Britain, with our growing defence budget.

“Operationally, we discussed the importance of working together to accelerate the defeat of current threats, including from Daesh in Iraq and Syria, and tackling terrorism in all its forms.

“I look forward to meeting Secretary Mattis at the next meeting of Nato defence ministers in February.”