05/09/2016 09:42 BST | Updated 06/09/2016 09:08 BST

Donald Trump 'Classified' Tweet Against Hillary Clinton Backfires Badly

What does the 'C' stand for, Donald?

As the vote for the next US president gets ever closer you can expect Donald Trump to ratchet up his already scathing attacks on Hillary Clinton.

Only his latest attempt should make the world wonder, again, if he is deserving of the most high-powered job in the world.

On Sunday evening Trump took a swing at the ongoing scandal surrounding Clinton’s use of a private email account rather than using official State Department servers.

Carlo Allegri / Reuters
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a church service in Detroit.

Referencing the FBI investigation into the saga, Trump took the opportunity once again to take a pop at his political opponent.

Only there was one rather major problem as Edward Hardy, host of The Hardy Report pointed out.

This is the man in the running for the job that allows your finger to hover over a very big red button with disastrous consequences.

Hardly reassuring.

Also, hardly surprising.

For reference here are the official document markings typically used for government documents.

  • TOP SECRET: Information that would cause “exceptionally grave damage” to national security if released publicly.
  • SECRET: Would cause “serious damage” to national security if released publicly.
  • CONFIDENTIAL: Would be prejudicial to national security if released publicly.
  • RESTRICTED: Would cause “undesirable effect” if released publicly.
  • OFFICIAL: Relates to general government business and would be judged depending on content.
  • UNCLASSIFIED: Does not require special protection. Also applies to documents classified as one of the above which has subsequently been declassified.

The floppy-haired conduit for humanity’s worst ideas is no stranger to gaffes.

He has (amongst many others):

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