06/11/2016 09:43 GMT | Updated 06/11/2016 09:49 GMT

Donald Trump 'Gun Scare' In Reno Sees Secret Service Agents Rush Republican Off Stage

Trump Jr retweets post calling incident an 'assassination attempt'.

Donald Trump was rushed off stage by Secret Service agents during an event in Nevada after a gun scare. 

The Republican presidential nominee was speaking at an event in Reno on Saturday when two agents grabbed him and hustled him off the stage after someone in the crowd shouted “gun”. 

According to a statement from the US Secret Service an “unidentified individual” was behind the incident and no weapon was found at the scene. 

Secret Service agents rush Donald Trump off the stage during a campaign rally in Reno following a 'gun scare'

A scuffle occurred in the crowd after Trump left the stage, and a man was led away by law enforcement officials. 

Trump later reassured the crowd but did not offer any explanation for what had occurred. 

“Nobody said it was going to be easy for us but we will never be stopped. Never, ever,” he reportedly said. 

“I want to thank the Secret Service, these guys are fantastic. They don’t get enough credit,” he added, before continuing his speech.

In a statement released by his campaign, Trump thanked the Secret Service “for their fast and professional response”.

Though law enforcement said no weapon had been found at the scene, several figures associated with the Trump campaign seemed to suggest that there had been one.

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, and Dan Scavino Jr. the campaign’s social media director, both retweeted a post calling the incident an “assassination attempt” - actions that caught the attention of reporters on Saturday evening.