25/05/2017 12:09 BST | Updated 25/05/2017 15:15 BST

Donald Trump Loses Handshake Battle With President Of Tajikistan, Bigly


Donald Trump’s handshake has gained a reputation for being, well... a bit rude to say the least.

Remember what it did to Japanese PM Shinzō Abe’s face in February? 

Such was the reaction to the brutal encounter, someone felt the need to turn into this brilliant animation.

And then there was this rather rude interaction just this week with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. 

But a presumably well-briefed President of Tajikstan has taken on the phenomenon and won in spectacular-strongman style.

Donald, meet Emomali Rahmon.

Someone call a physio.

But before giving Rahmon’s hands too much credit, it’s worth remembering he has ruled Tajikstan with one of those iron fists since 1992 and has effectively silenced and/or imprisoned much of his political opposition within that time.

But still, nice handshake.