Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Vandalised Multiple Times

People are writing on it, letting their dogs poo on it, and generally not being nice to it.

A star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame is one of the greatest honours that can be bestowed on a celebrity, and Donald Trump's name has been emblazoned on the iconic boulevard since 2007, when his hit US version of 'The Apprentice' captivated America.

But now the child's cartoon turned human has turned his very small hands to politics, some people are less than happy to see his name in gold on the historic Walk Of Fame.

As such, people have been venting their frustration at Trump's policies by defacing the star in various ways.

Some were elegantly done...

Others were a bit more vulgar.

And now, images have emerged of someone openly urinating on the pavement with the stream directed towards Trump's name.


As if that wasn't enough of a protest, even this dog has taken a political stance by pooping on the Republican frontrunner's name and proudly posing beside it for a picture.

Speaking to the LA Times, the dog's owner Kansas Puckett said: "I was pushing my way through crowds, someone had found Trump’s star, and all of a sudden, my dog is no longer behind me and he’s squatting.

"Then I saw whose star it was, and I thought it was hilarious... I think dogs have a personality more than people think."

However, when the picture started to go viral on Twitter Trump's supporters mobilised and allegedly began telling Puckett "to shoot her dog because he was a moron".

Despite internet rumours, Hollywood's Chamber Of Commerce said they would not be removing the star despite the recent dirty protests.

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