This Bizarre Japanese Donald Trump Love-Fest Is The Most Confusing Thing Ever

"I made a commercial for my senpai - future world president Donald Trump"

There's been a lot of odd things about the US presidential election since Donald Trump announced his candidacy last year, but this is certainly one of the most bizarre.

YouTuber and VFX artist Mike Diva has put together a Japanese inspired video featuring a young woman reacting with joy to the news of Trump winning the title of "world president".

What follows is just really, really strange.

Mike Diva

The blue-haired woman flies through a city emblazoned with The Donald's face, then into his mouth before frolicking through a forest where Trump literally grows on trees. This is all followed up by the star riding a llama with Trump's face through a rainbow.

The camera then pans down to show two lines of tanks, an aerial display and a giant bust of Trump's head, before switching to some truly bewildering visuals of him dancing provocatively, making a heart with his hands and eventually standing in the clouds as a God-like figure, welcoming the woman who idolises him for a hug as nuclear weapons launch around them.

The fun doesn't stop there, because the pair unite to turn into a giant Gundam-style robot to build a huge pink wall, which they then blow up along with the rest of Earth.

Mike Diva

It's the weirdest thing we've ever seen, but this might be our lives next year if the Americans elect Trump.

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