Donald Trump Only Follows 41 People, This Is What He Sees When He Looks At Twitter

Mark Wallheiser via Getty Images

As president-elect, Donald Trump uses Twitter to make announcements, complain about the media, whinge about TV shows making fun of him, generally make things up and casually spark international incidents.

Trump’s shouty tweets, often fired off in the early hours, receive thousands of retweets. He has over 17 million followers. RIP his mentions. But as he scrolls through his Twitter feed he is exposed to quite a limited number of views. He only follows 41 people.

The president-elect follows mostly family members, campaign aides, conservative media, his hotels and Piers Morgan.

This is some of what Trump sees:

His family

His vice-president

Campaign aides

A few commentators

Some conservative press

His golf courses

Piers Morgan

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