7 Batsh*t Crazy Moments From Donald Trump's Press Conference

The maddest presser in history.

1. Referring to himself in the third person all the way through

2. Declaring he is a “germaphobe”

When the report from a former British intelligence agent was published by BuzzFeed News on Tuesday, one of its more salacious details prompted the global trend #WaterSportsGate.

The report’s totally unverified allegations related to compromising personal information of Trump’s activity in a Moscow hotel room.

3. Invoking Nazi Germany

On Wednesday morning, hours after the report was published in full by BuzzFeed News, Trump sent this tweet:

Asked what he meant to say in the tweet, Trump told the press conference: “That’s something that Nazi Germany would have done and did do, I think it’s a disgrace that information that was false, and fake, and never happened, got released to the public.”

4. Describing BuzzFeed as a “failing pile of garbage”

In the most confrontational section of the news conference, Trump launched a tirade against BuzzFeed News.

“BuzzFeed is a failing pile of garbage and they’re going to suffer the consequences,” said Trump, absolutely steaming at this point.

BuzzFeed’s UK outpost appeared to take it as a badge of honour.

5. Clashing with CNN reporter, telling him he “is fake news” and asking him to not “be rude” by asking a question

CNN broke the story that Trump and Barack Obama had been presented with details of the claims. At the news conference, Trump relished shutting down CNN’s Jim Acosta - one of the reporters behind the scoop - when he attempted to ask a question.

The President-elect’s response was something like this:

*Leans into microphone* “Not you.”
*Leans into microphone* “Your organisation is terrible”
*Leans into microphone* “Quiet.”
*Leans into microphone* “Don’t be rude.”
*Leans into microphone* “You are fake news.”

It later emerged there may have been a deliberate ploy to freeze CNN out of the presser.

6. Ruling out his longtime personal assistant as being behind classified intelligence leaks

Trump made clear his lawyer, Michael Cohen, was never in Prague as was alleged in the memo - and asked the see his passport.

“All night long it’s Michael Cohen. I said ‘I want to see your passport’. He brings a passport to my office. Hey, he didn’t even leave the country! It turned out to be a different Michael Cohen. It’s a disgrace what took place.”

In further comments, Trump also said he tested people working in his office, including his longtime personal assistant Rona, to see if they were behind leaks in intelligence.

7. Repeating his ‘Apprentice’ catchphrase to close the conference

<strong>Donald Trump points during his press conference on Wednesday at Trump Tower</strong>
Donald Trump points during his press conference on Wednesday at Trump Tower
Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

After handing over control of the Trump empire to his two sons, the president-elect decided to use a handy catchphrase.

“If my son’s don’t do a good job with my businesses when the presidency is over ‘they are fired’,” he said pointing towards them.

Donald J. Trump will be President of the United States of America in nine days time.