30/06/2019 18:08 BST

Donald Trump's Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Bruised After Scuffle With North Korean Security

Officials tried to block the press after historic meeting.

Donald Trump’s new press secretary was left with bruising after being caught in scuffles between North Korean security guards and members of the US media during the president’s meeting with Kim Jong-Un.

In bizarre scenes, officials were filmed shoving and trying to block the press as reporters tried to enter a room where Trump and North Korea’s leader were meeting in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas.

White House Press Secretary left bruised after a scuffle with North Korean security.

A number of female voices could be heard saying: “Go. No, let go. Let me out here.”

The fracas took place inside the Freedom House on the southern side of Panmunjom where Trump and Kim were meeting following an historic handshake on the border.

The meeting represented the first time a sitting US president had set foot in North Korea as the pair agreed to resume stalled nuclear talks.

\The meeting, initiated a spur-of-the-moment tweet by Trump that Kim said took him by surprise, once again displayed the rapport between the two.

But they are no closer to narrowing the gap between their positions since they walked away from their summit in February in Vietnam.