06/01/2018 18:29 GMT | Updated 06/01/2018 20:17 GMT

A Round Up Of The Best Reactions To Donald Trump's Claim He's A 'Stable Genius' Who Is 'Like, Really Smart'

'Just trying to reconcile 'stable genius' and 'covfefe'.'

Alex Wong via Getty Images
An explosive new book has called into question Trump's mental fitness to be president 

After a new book raised questions about Donald Trump’s mental fitness to run the US, the president has sent a series of extraordinary tweets insisting he’s a “stable genius” who is “like, really smart”. 

Responding to Michael Wolff’s explosive ‘Fire and Fury’, in which it’s claimed the leader of the free world’s staff view him as a child who needs “instant gratification”, Trump wrote: 

But people on Twitter were quick to point out occasions when the President had acted less than “really smart”. 

Like the time he looked directly at a solar eclipse...

And when he couldn’t work out how to perform a traditional handshake at a meeting with world leaders in the Philippines last year. 

Not to forget the time he made up a new word... 

Others thought the president’s lingo could have been taken straight from the movies. 

But Twitter’s overwhelming reaction was horse jokes. Lots and lots of horse jokes.