Donald Trump Supporter Claims There Are 'No Go Areas' In England And Gets Promptly Schooled By Brits

'No there aren't, you pillock.'

Britons have been quick to put the record straight after a Trump supporter claimed there were “no go zones” in England.

Zak Zales tweeted his enlightened comments after an attack in London Bridge left seven dead and 48 injured, 21 of them critically.

But, Londoners were having absolutely none of it.

Many tweeted to set the record straight...

Some Londoners did begin suggesting that there could be no-go zones - but not for the reason Zales would have imagined...

It comes after Donald Trump was accused of “fake news” after he lashed out at Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, and his response to Saturday’s attack.

In a statement this morning, Khan warned Londoners there will be an increased police presence in the capital over the next few days, adding that there is “no reason to be alarmed” by this.

Taking the phrase out of of context, Trump slammed the mayor on Twitter for his comments, referencing the number of people killed and injured by the terrorists.

But he was quickly cut down to size by Brits, who threw his favourite insult back at him.

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