Donald Trump's Taco Bowl Photo Is Full Of Blinding Errors

Just a reminder that Donald Trump is hilariously out of touch.

Thursday marked Cinco De Mayo, a Mexican celebration that is often celebrated in the USA as a mark of their multicultural nation and acceptance of other cultures.

Despite calling for Mexicans to be deported the day before, race-baiting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump decided to mark the holiday in the typical out of touch white rich guy way - by eating Tex Mex, a bastardised Americanised version of traditional Mexican food.

Setting aside the shameless promotion for his New York City restaurant, there's an awful lot wrong with this tweet and the picture.

Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican holiday, "Hispanics" is an umbrella term for Spanish speaking peoples.

It's therefore quite offensive to lump them all together, but that's just typical of Trump.

It's also quite demeaning for Trump to say "I love the Hispanics" when he clearly doesn't.

Accusing Mexicans of bringing rape, crime and drugs in the country is just the tip of the ignorant iceberg of things Trump has said about Mexicans.

His restaurant doesn't even regularly serve it. It's only on the menu one day a year.

He's also not even really eating Mexican food. It's a Tex Mex travesty.

The taco bowl salad was "inspired" by Mexican food but actually created in America in the 20th century to cater to Americans.

And it's not even good Tex Mex or "the best taco bowl" as he claims - food critic Robert Sietsema says it's garbage.

Delving into the culinary world which brought us the short-lived "Trump Steaks" and various other endeavours, food critic Robert Sietsema decided to review a few of the foods served up in the world of Trump.

Sietsema said: "I ordered "beef tacos" ($13.50) which turned out to be a fried tortilla bowl heaped with romaine lettuce, grated yellow cheese, and plain ground beef that was so devoid of flavour, it rendered an insult to Mexicans every bit as profound as Trump’s previous pronouncements."

He's fluffing up his trophy cabinet

Zooming in elsewhere, we can see that what appears to be a windowsill full of trophies isn't all it seems.

Donald J Trump

It looks like there's two Donald Trump bobble-head dolls on there, and an Oscar - which Donald has never been awarded, so it's probably fake.

And let's not even mention the fact that he made it sound like the meat in the taco bowl was literally made from Hispanics.

Let's also try not to think too hard about that fact that he was eating it on top of a bikini picture of his ex-wife.

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