20/06/2017 13:24 BST | Updated 20/06/2017 17:02 BST

Donald Trump Twitter Posts Only Seem To Apply To Terror Attacks Which Involve Muslim Attackers

Hang on a minute...

Donald Trump is known for his love of a good Twitter rant, even now he is President of the United States - but he was strangely silent following the recent terror attack in Finsbury Park.

The billionaire businessman has taken to Twitter to condemn - and in many cases court controversy over - attacks, including those on Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge.

Pool via Getty Images
Donald Trump is known for his love of Twitter

In all those attacks, the perpetrators were Muslims, albeit subscribing to a version of Islam which most normal Muslims would not recognise.

And yet when Muslims were attacked outside a mosque in north London in the early hours of Monday, Trump was silent. Yes, it’s been over 36 hours now and the US president has sent a number of tweets. 

Just not a single one about the Finsbury Park attack.

Let’s take a look at his track record...

Quebec, January 2017

Christinne Muschi / Reuters
A woman places a candle at a memorial site in Quebec following the mass shooting

Targets: Muslims leaving a mosque after evening prayers

Perpetrator: Far-right supporting white nationalist Alexandre Bissonnette

Dead: Six

Injured: 19

Did Trump tweet about the attack? No - instead his tweets included...



Westminster, March 2017

NurPhoto via Getty Images
Flowers are left outside the Houses of Parliament in memory of those who died in the Westminster terror attack

Targets: General public and policemen outside the Palace of Westminster

Perpetrator:  Khalid Masood, a Muslim convert who was claimed to be a “soldier of the Islamic State” by the terror group

Dead: Five

Injured: 49

Did Trump tweet about the attack? Yes

Portland, May 2017

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
The memorial for the victims of the stabbings at the Portland MAX light rail

Targets: Two men who defended a Muslim teenager and her friend

Suspect:  Jeremy Joseph Christian, a white supremacist who has been charged with murder, attempted murder, possession of a weapon and intimidation.

Dead: 2

Injured: 1

Did Trump tweet about the attack? No, instead his tweets included...


Manchester, May 2017

Andrew Yates / Reuters
People attend a vigil for the victims of the Manchester attack

Targets: Fans at an Ariana Grande concert, many of whom were young teenagers

Perpetrator: Salman Ramadan Abedi, who was in contact with IS but is believed to have acted alone

Dead: 22

Injured: 119

Did Trump tweet about the attack? Yes

London Bridge, June 2017

PA Wire/PA Images
Floral tributes laid near Borough Market

Target: General public

Perpetrators: Islamists

Dead: Eight

Injured: 48

Did Trump tweet about the attack? You bet. We’ll let the tweets speak for themselves - strap in folks...

Finsbury Park, June 2017

Target: Muslims leaving a mosque after Ramadan prayers

Suspect: Named by media as Darren Osborne, from Cardiff

Dead: 1

Injured: 8

Did Trump tweet about the attack? We’re still waiting...