20/03/2017 10:39 GMT | Updated 20/03/2017 12:24 GMT

Donald Trump Voters On Now Regretting Their Decision

WARNING: Contains strong language.

During the presidential election campaign Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp” and fight for “forgotten Americans”.

Yet within just a few weeks of entering the White House you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s already forgotten that pledge. 

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
Anti-Trump protesters hold up signs as the motorcade of US President Donald Trump passes by in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday

And his proposed budget slashes even eliminates completely a range of government programs designed to help the most vulnerable.

As a result pictures such as this have begun to emerge...

And Walker is not alone. A Twitter account called ‘Trump Regrets’ has gained over a quarter of a million followers simply for retweeting disaffected Trump voters.

They can broadly be broken down into 10 categories..

1) Those angry about The Wall

Trump’s much-vaunted wall across the Mexican-US border was supposed to be paid for by Mexico but the latest estimates suggest each American household could end up forking out $120 (£96.70) each if the $15 billion (£12 billion) project goes ahead.

2) Those angry he’s targeting the country’s most vulnerable 

Last week Trump announced his proposed budget which dramatically boosted defence spending whilst slashing and even eliminating completely a range of government programs designed to help the most vulnerable.

3) Those who think he needs to start acting like a President

This speaks for itself - if you’re still in any doubt just check out his Twitter feed.

4) Those who think he’s peddling fake news


5) Those angry at TrumpCare

Despite repeatedly claiming ObamaCare is a “disaster”, the latest figures show under Trump’s replacement, 24 million Americans would be without medical insurance by 2026.

6) Those who think he’s just out to help the rich

Just check out his tax plans.

7) Those who wish he would just stop tweeting

Again, we refer you to the President’s Twitter feed

8) Those angry he hasn’t locked Hilary Clinton up

During the election campaign “LOCK HER UP!” became a familiar refrain at Trump rallies.

But within days of winning Trump had already reneged on his promise.

9) Those who thought he would let states decide marijuana laws

In October 2015 Trump said: “In terms of marijuana and legalisation, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state.”

In February 2017 Sean Spicer said: “There is still a federal law that we need to abide by when it comes to recreational marijuana and drugs of that nature.”

10) Those who just thought things would change