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'Don't Tell The Bride' First As Couple Decide Not To Get Married After All

It is the show's first-ever 'I don't'.

While we love ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’, you can usually predict what will happen during every episode

The groom usually goes against everything the bride has said she wants, forgets to arrange her a decent hen do and pisses off the bridesmaids with terrible dress choices, only for the bride to forgive him, ending in the happiest day of their lives. 

However, this was not the case during the latest instalment of the show. 

Channel 4
This couple decided not to go through with their marriage on Don't Tell The Bride

For the first time in ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ history, the bride refused to marry her groom after he messed up so badly. 

Viewers of the E4 show saw Craig and Sophia fall apart, after he arranged an Oktoberfest-themed wedding.

She was left fuming at his choice of venue (a brewery) and outfits (lederhosen), eventually storming off refusing to talk to him. 

“She thinks I’m trying to make her look stupid,” he explained. “And I wasn’t…I was trying to make this fun. It’s not a beer festival, it’s a party.”

Craig eventually managed to win her round and she agreed to “go through the motions” of the big day, but it was then revealed at the end of the episode that the pair had decided not to legalise their marriage.

Channel 4
Craig and Sophia are taking time out to "work on their relationship"

An update at the end of the show read: “At the time of making this programme Craig and Sofia had decided not to make their wedding legal and were working together on their relationship.”


‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on E4.

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