05/10/2019 10:38 BST | Updated 05/10/2019 18:01 BST

Don't Tell The Bride Couple Make History With Cancelled Wedding After They Break Show's Biggest Rule

Producers of the E4 show pulled the plug on Yanis and Chanise's ceremony after making a shock discovery.

A Don’t Tell The Bride couple have made history by having their wedding cancelled after breaking the show’s biggest rule. 

Birmingham couple Yanis and Chanise were due to wed in Paris on the E4 reality show, but producers pulled the plug on the ceremony after finding out the bridal party knew details about the wedding.

Channel 4
Don't Tell The Bride couple Chanise and Yanis had their wedding axed

One of the fundamental rules of the show is that the bride and groom have no contact as he his charged with planning all aspects of their upcoming nuptials, with details supposed to remain a secret until the big day. 

However, in scenes to air on Sunday night’s episode, one of Chanise’s bridesmaid slipped by revealing to her that she was set to get married in Paris. 

Yanis also confessed Chanise had access to his iPad, which producers found out she had been going through his emails on, in order to find out details about the wedding. 

Bosses were forced to pull the plug on the whole occasion, despite Yanis having already blown £12,000 of their £13,000 budget arranging it all. 

As Chanise broke down in tears, producers told her: “I know this is difficult but the rules have been broken and we are going to have to cancel this wedding.”

Channel 4
Chanise was left devastated by the cancellation of her wedding, despite the fact she'd been breaking the rules

It is the first time in the show’s 12-year history that producers have had to stop a wedding from going ahead. 

Last year, one couple made also made history by deciding not to get married on the day of their wedding, with the bride unimpressed at the event the groom had arranged. 

Yanis has since called the upcoming episode “legendary”, despite the couple’s heartbreak at the time. 

Speaking to Metro, he said: “It’s quite legendary. Quite idiotic, but in some ways, I do feel like a legend. It’s something that’s only ever happened once and it’s going to go down in history.”

However, he refused to answer questions about his relationship status with Chanise or if they planned to still get married. 

Don’t Tell The Bride airs in Sunday at 9pm on E4.