DOTUS: The Bidens' Dogs Champ and Major Debut Their Own Twitter Account

There's no whining in the White House!

Saturday’s victory is giving President-elect Joe Biden’s dogs a whole new leash on life. On Sunday, they debuted their very own fetching Twitter account.

German shepherds Champ and Major Biden will share a single account, but neither is whining about it.

“We are the First Dogs of the USA, Champ and Major Biden,” their Twitter profile said. “You can call us #DOTUS. We love nom noms, snuggles and we can’t wait to explore the WH!”

Early tweets feature to-die-for photos and awful dog puns, like “pawsidential,” “pawsitive” and “pawblic.” (The pooches refer to Joe Biden as “Dad.”) They also gave a woof-out to supportive “doggos” that stood by the humans who fought for Biden (Beto O’Rourke and senator Elizabeth Warren .

As of Sunday night, the dogs had already attracted nearly 64,000 followers. They mostly followed politicians and media sites.

No surprise, countless pets introduced themselves in tweets and congratulated the whole family on the big victory: