25/03/2016 09:12 GMT

Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week: Chris And Rob Share The Story Of Their Wonderful Friendship

Friendship is beautiful.

World, meet Chris and Rob.

The pair met at the football a while back and are now really good friends.

Every Thursday they do a 'Gym & Swim' session together, and they sometimes meet up on Saturdays too.

Chris has Down's syndrome and lives with his family, however that doesn't stop him from getting out and about. Nor does it stop him from being a great pal to Rob. 

The pair are sharing the story of their friendship for Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week, as part of the Down’s Syndrome Association’s ‘My Friends, My Community’ campaign.

Rob describes his buddy Chris as "outgoing", "sporty" and "laid back".

While Chris cheekily describes Rob as "sexy", "hot" and a "very good looking man". We like his style.

The 'My Friends, My Community' campaign highlights that when children and adults with Down’s syndrome are given opportunities to participate, the “whole community benefits”.

The site reads: "Some people may need extra support to do things that are not specifically for people with a learning disability and we need to encourage our wider communities to be appropriately inclusive."

Visit the Down’s Syndrome Association’s website to download a pack about how to ensure your community is inclusive.


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