19/06/2020 14:26 BST

Downton Abbey Star Phyllis Logan’s Dressing Gown-Clad Husband Crashes Lorraine Interview

Kevin McNally made an unexpected appearance during his wife's chat with the Good Morning Britain presenter.

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We’ve all had our embarrassing moments on video calls over the last few months, but for Downton Abbey star Phyllis Logan, hers happened on live TV. 

The actor was appearing live on Lorraine Kelly’s Good Morning Britain slot on Friday, when she was interrupted by her husband, who was clad in just his dressing gown. 

Viewers of the ITV breakfast show saw fellow Downton star Kevin McNally wander into the back of shot with a cup of coffee for his wife. 

Phyllis Logan got a surprise during her live Lorraine interview

Lorraine and Phyllis promptly burst into hysterics as Kevin then noticed he was on camera. 

He joked: “Can you keep it down, I’m trying to sleep.”

Kevin then pulled up a pew to have a quick natter with Lorraine about what he and Phyllis have been up to in lockdown. 

The host later admitted Kevin had caught her eye, telling Phyllis: “Aw it was so nice to see you and Kevin in his dressing gown. I have got a wee crush on him.”

Lorraine and Phyllis had a good laugh after Kevin crashed their interview

During the interview, Lorraine was also keen to get an update on a possible sequel to last year’s Downton Abbey film. 

However, Phyllis admitted she hadn’t heard any news just yet, explaining: “We’d love to do another one, but of course things are so tricky at the moment. There may be moves afoot, but who knows. We’ll find out in due course. Fingers crossed it does.”

Good Morning Britain with Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.