Mercedes Driver's Random Act Of Kindness Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

What a guy.

When a Mercedes driver spotted a man in a high-vis jacket standing at the side of the road in the rain, he knew that he couldn't just sit there and do nothing.

Instead of watching the poor man get soaked, the driver popped open the boot, left the comfort of his car and ran across the road - umbrella in hand - to offer it to the guy standing in the pouring rain.

The whole exchange was captured through another car's dash-cam.

The kindhearted driver then drove off and the man who was waving traffic through remained nice and dry.

The video clip was shared on Imgur, where it has been viewed almost two million times.

One Imgur user wrote: "This makes my heart happy."

While another added: "Sometimes people are just great to each other, and I love it."

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