23/03/2017 10:33 GMT

Durex Jeans Will Soon Be A Thing And No, They Won't Be Made Of Latex

'Guys, this fits really well'.

Durex, the brand that clothes your penis in latex, is making an unlikely move into fashion by launching... a jeans line. 

The condom manufacturer announced its first-ever pair of jeans will be launching in India this week. 

The campaign #DurexJeans, released a teaser video on Twitter. Brand ambassador and Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, said: 

“Hi guys, Durex is launching jeans, and I’m going to be the first one to wear them,” Singh said.

After moving behind a curtain, Singh yells:

“Guys, this fits really well.”

“We’re launching jeans. And Ranveer’s going to be trying out his first ever. Excited? Well, that’s our speciality,” they wrote. 

Very little details of how the jeans will actually look have emerged, but this post on Twitter, featured in Brand Quity, shared some details:

“We’ve got the world’s best designers to draw out the very essence of jeans,” said Rohit Jindal, Marketing Director of Reckitt Benckiser India. 

“Keeping with the Durex style right down to the signature blue colour and the ‘twill’ texture of the surface which gives strength and elasticity, the driving elements of the power and pleasure that come with it.”   

People took to Twitter to share their amusement and interest in the announcement:

“In a dark room, now it will be heard ‘remove your Durex’ in place of ‘wear a Durex’,” one wrote. 

“I think Durex should also start making spill-proof bags. The world needs more of those,” another wrote. 

“Oh my God, Durex are launching jeans! Ranveer, are you going to have sex with Durex on or off?” another wrote. 

“Durex jeans - instead of ripped jeans, we will have ribbed jeans,” one wrote.

It’s not clear if they’ll be available to buy in the U.K yet.

Stay tuned.