‘EastEnders’ Star Ben Hardy Returning To The BBC (But Not Albert Square)

He'll star in 'The Woman In White' alongside Charles Dance and Jessie Buckley.

Ex-’EastEnders’ star Ben Hardy is set to be back on the small screen but sadly, he isn’t returning to Walford.

The actor left the land of soaps behind back in 2015, and he’s now landed a new BBC role in their latest adaptation of ‘The Woman In White’.

<strong>Ben Hardy </strong>
Ben Hardy
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And Ben won’t just be popping up in the background of the drama either, as he’s playing lead character Walter Hartright, who finds a mysterious spirit dressed in white, and vows to solve the mystery.

“I have always admired and been a fan of the BBC’s period dramas,” Ben says in a statement. I’m so thrilled to be playing the leading role of Walter in this classic story.”

The supporting cast is equally impressive, featuring Jessie Buckley - who ‘Taboo’ fans will recognise thanks to her star turn as Lorna Bow - and Charles Dance.

<strong>Ben played Peter for two years </strong>
Ben played Peter for two years
BBC Pictures

The series will consist of five 60-minute episodes, and production is already underway.

Despite the fact Ben swapped ‘EastEnders’ for Hollywood, he has kept up with some of what is going on in Walford, and recently admitted that there’s one storyline that irks him - though obviously not enough to make him return.

“I’ll be honest, it does irritate me that I have a baby – Peter has a baby, I am very attached to him – a baby in the square with Lauren and it bugs me that the baby is left there, not being fathered,” he said last November.

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