11/03/2016 12:32 GMT

'EastEnders' Fans Blast Show For 'Copying' 'Coronation Street' Plot

Viewers couldn't help but notice Claudette's 'death' looked more than a little familiar...

Vincent Hubbard buried his 'dead' mother Claudette in his basement

'EastEnders' fans have blasted soap bosses for 'copying' one of Coronation Street's most recent storylines, which saw the Platt family kill off villain Calum Logan and bury his body in their cellar.

The BBC soap aired some very similar scenes on Thursday night (10 March), as Patrick Trueman 'killed' Claudette Hubbard, before son Vincent disposed of her corpse in an identical way.

Viewers had a severe case of déjà vu as the drama unfolded, with many taking to Twitter to slam the soap for seemingly recycling their rival's plot. 

David and Kylie buried Calum's body in the same way on 'Coronation Street'

However, the storyline did win some praise from fans, as it later transpired that there was a massive twist to Claudette's tale.

It was revealed that she was still alive, and had escaped from the basement, before being admitted to hospital. 

Fans were shocked to discover Claudette was still alive

Fans are now being kept in suspense to find out what happens when Vincent and Patrick discover that Claudette is still alive. 

'EastEnders' returns on Monday at 8pm on BBC One. 

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