‘EastEnders’ Viewers Divided By New Johnny Carter Actor Ted Reilly

Taking over from Sam Strike was never going to be easy.
<strong>Ted Reilly as Johnny Carter </strong>
Ted Reilly as Johnny Carter
BBC Pictures

Ted Reilly made his first appearance in ‘EastEnders’ this week, taking over the role of Johnny Carter.

The loveable Carter lad was previously played by Sam Strike, and it seems that Ted’s star turn in the role is dividing viewers...

It can be pretty difficult taking over from a well-known face, and Ted is only just getting settled in Walford - so let’s given him a chance, shall we?

Johnny has only been back in the Square for a matter of days, but he’s already had a lot to deal with.

The Carter family have been through many ups and downs in the last month, including Stan’s death, and Linda Carter’s rape ordeal.

During Tuesday’s episode, viewers saw Johnny and his mum have an emotional heart-to-heart, as she detailed everything that happened with Dean.

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