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‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Lee Carter To Die In Shock Twist? Danny-Boy Hatchard Addresses Fan Theory

Now this would be interesting...

‘EastEnders’ star Danny-Boy Hatchard has addressed a fan theory about the soap’s bus crash, during an interview with The Huffington Post UK at the National Television Awards.

Tuesday’s episode appeared to end with Mick Carter realising his daughter-in-law Whitney was still underneath the vehicle on Bridge Street, but some fans aren’t buying it and have suggested that she’s actually safe somewhere and that her husband Lee was carrying her phone, when he was swept up in the accident.

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So, when we had the chance to chat with Danny, we put the theory - which has added weight given that he’s leaving the soap soon - to him.

After admitting that he “hasn’t got very long” left on our screens, he indulged us by considering what might happen to Whitney if Lee died.

“I think it could either go two ways, [because] she’s had such a tough time in the Square,” he told us. “I think she could possibly move away and try to find a new life somewhere else, or if Lee was to, hypothetically, be unwell or have something happen to him, she would stick around and help him.

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Married life has not been easy for the couple 

“Or, if he was to pass away during a tragic event, maybe all the Carters would come together and try to help her through it - so there’s three answers for you!”

We also asked Danny how Lee would cope if Whitney really is seriously injured, or even dead, and he replied: “He’d be distraught, if anything bad happened to Whitney, he would blame himself.

“After the attempted suicide, he’s still not feeling himself and not very well at all. I think if anything like that was to happen, it would send him more into a downward spiral.”

A number of Danny’s castmates promised that Thursday’s (26 January) episode will be unmissable, but bosses are keeping details of what will happen tightly under wraps.

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