25/07/2017 11:37 BST

‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Whitney Dean Returns With A Bombshell For The Carters


Whitney Dean is set to make her way back to Albert Square with a bombshell for the Carters - she’s getting hitched again.

The ‘EastEnders’ character will reveal that she’s engaged to Woody Woodward, played by Lee Ryan, who didn’t exactly make a great first impression on the family when he arrived in Walford last year.

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Shirley isn't pleased wth Whitney

Woody left the show when Mick threw him out of the Queen Vic, and Whitney’s exit followed back in May, when she shared (another) kiss with her father-in-law.

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Whitney tells Mick the news 

Her reappearance will take the whole Carter family by surprise and, unaware of what happened with his dad, Johnny will insist that Whitney moves back into the pub.

Shirley, on the other hand, isn’t too thrilled. and confronts Whit about why she’s back - which is when she then drops the news about her new relationship status.

Woody charmed Whitney during his stint as The Vic's manager 

Blue singer Lee first popped up in Walford back in April and after proving popular with fans, he’s set to return on a more permanent basis this summer.

He’s not the only familiar face gracing the Square again, as last week saw the return of Lisa Fowler, played by Lucy Benjamin.

These ‘EastEnders’ scenes air from Monday 31 July. Catch up on the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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