How To Finally Get Your Sh*t Together In January

No juice cleanse necessary.

It’s that time of year again where over-indulgence morphs into a clean-eating, fun-sucking purge.

And for those of us who never managed to get on board with mindfulness, macros or making good choices in 2016 - and are now 90% Camembert - the expectations of a new year feel pretty overwhelming.


So here are 7 ways we can all get our shit together in January, even if you still don’t know what a chia seed is.

1. Have a social media cleanse.

Science has shown that passively scrolling (read, stalking) people on Facebook is making us all feel depressed. You don’t need to go cold turkey, but you might want to consider deleting people you haven’t spoken to or emailed in a year.

2. Stop messing around with your ex.

For the love of god, listen to Taylor Swift. You’ve been on and off for six months now, and you both know it’s going to end in tears.

3. Ditch your toxic friends.

Lots of us have people in our lives that feel like a complete emotional drain. Those who make you feel worse about yourself every time you spend time with them. You know the ones. Get rid.

4. Assess whether you’re really happy at work.

This doesn’t mean packing in the day job and setting sail for the Caribbean. One of the biggest pitfalls of January resolutions is unrealistic goals, and instead of changing careers overnight, look at the smaller, daily things that could make your work environment better.

5. Set yourself small fitness goals.

This is very different to setting yourself weight loss goals. Set small goals, like taking a 20-minute walk during lunch every day or walking the last few stops home instead of taking the bus. Don’t let yourself believe you haven’t got time.

6. Delete takeaway apps from your phone.

It might feel like cutting off your right arm, but having an easily accessible Dominos or Deliveroo on demand, is making temptation too easy. Protect yourself from physical and financial downfall.

7. Take lunch to work.

Another way to keep your bank balance in check, and ensure you have greater control over the food you are putting into your body.

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