08/09/2017 09:04 BST

'The Ed Sheeran Effect' Means Gingers Are Having More Sex Than Ever

They also rarely go grey.

Are you ginger-haired and having a lot of sex lately? Send a thank-you card to Ed Sheeran.

According to a small study, ginger men are having sex more often, earning the term “The Ed Effect.”


In a poll commissioned by Casumo, 175 redheaded males between the ages of 25 to 34 were asked questions about their sex lives. The poll results found that 20 per cent of them had received “more attention” since the “Shape of You” singer became a worldwide star, reports Indy100.

The poll also found that ginger guys are feeling more confident because of Sheeran’s popularity.


And there’s more good news for (heterosexual) ginger men — 1,000 women were also asked their views on redheads and it was found that more than a third of them agreed that they have more positive perceptions of ginger dudes because of Sheeran.


These women were also asked to rank their favourite redheads, with Prince Harry coming in at No. 1, followed by Scottish actor Ewan McGregor, “Homeland” star Damian Lewis, Sheeran, and Eddie Redmayne.


Not only are women becoming more attracted to redheaded men — they also want their semen.

According to Co-ParentMatch, a website that puts women wanting to become parents in touch with sperm donors, there’s a “demand” for sperm donors with red hair.

“We looked at our search results and found that lots of women were typing in ‘ginger sperm donors’ and ‘red hair sperm donors’ so clearly there is a demand,” Jenny Kearns, from, told HuffPost UK. “Yet only two per cent of our donors have red hair.” 

We looked at our search results and found that lots of women were typing in 'ginger sperm donors' and 'red hair sperm donors' so clearly there is a demand.

It’s no wonder women are attracted to gingers — not only do they not go grey, but they are also searing hot. And if you don’t believe us, just take a look at British photographer Thomas Knights’ photo project, Red Hot II, which showcases the beauty and uniqueness of redheads. 

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