25/03/2017 10:59 GMT | Updated 25/03/2017 11:06 GMT

Ed Sheeran's Red Nose Day Performace Sees Him Forget His Lyrics Mid Song

Tbf, the words to 'What Do I Know' are pretty fast.

As arguably the biggest pop star in the UK right now, Ed Sheeran was one of a handful of singers invited to perform on Red Nose Day on Friday (24 March) night. 

But it seemed the pressure of the occasion got a little too much for Ed, when he forgot his lyrics mid song. 

The star was in the middle performing single ‘What Do I Know’ on the BBC telethon when he stumbled over his words. 

However, being a true pro, Ed simply smirked to acknowledge the blunder and carried on. 

Ed Sheeran forgot the lyrics to his song during his Comic Relief performance

Ed featured heavily in Friday’s Red Nose Day, having visited Liberia to film an appeal film, where he met many young children in a desperate situation. 

One of them was a young boy called JD, who lived in the slums, sleeping rough in a boat on the beach, and survived on just a cup of water and piece of bread a day. 

After getting to know him and his friends, Ed felt unable to leave the boys there after the cameras had stopped rolling, and insisted he would pay to keep them safe. 

He was heard saying: “My natural instinct is to just put them in a car and just take them and just put them in a hotel until we can get them sorted.”

Turning to the crew, he said: “Can we do that? Can I pay to put them in a house until we get them in a school?

“It doesn’t matter how much it costs, can we just get him and his five mates in a house with an older person to look after them?”

It was a huge night for Comic Relief, with the total money raised standing at just over £71 million at the end of the broadcast. 

There was also a treat for ‘Love Actually’ fans, as the much hyped and anticipated Red Nose Day special aired, catching up with some of the film’s characters 14 years later, while Take That took part in a special edition of ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Catch up with all of Red Nose Day on the BBC iPlayer now. You can still donate to Comic Relief on their website

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