26/05/2016 11:45 BST | Updated 26/05/2016 22:36 BST

Edexcel Maths 2016 GCSE Exam Prompts Gallows Humour From Pupils

'Where was the stem and leaf?!?'

If you were ever in doubt at just how strong post-GCSETwitter game is, look no further than #EdexcelMaths.

Thousands of students followed Thursday morning's Mathematics exam with a storm of anger, fury, and very British fatalism.

And our age-old tradition of gallows humour is in no danger of dying out, if these 15 and 16-year-olds are anything to go by...

A pass felt as likely as weather affecting a tennis match

Zingers all round after "Angie's" floor varnishing question

*Where* was the stem and leaf?

That last question though

Last week, students reacted with utter dismay after their AS-level Maths exam left them confused and more than a little irritated.

Some even declared the paper had “destroyed” their future.

Those sitting the Edexcel C1 test said it was “harder than all the past papers” and didn’t include as many whole numbers as was expected.

At the time, Pearson Edexcel said: "With every paper there there will always be questions that some students find difficult, which is often reflected in social media comment."

Earlier, those sitting the AQA Biology GCSE were left furious after the paper asked them what an independent business was.