Elf On The Shelf: 9 Ways Your Elf Is Actually Making Parenting Easier

It's not just a pain in the arse.

If you feel elf on the shelf is just another thing designed to make parenting a competition (and one you’re constantly losing), then you’re not alone.

The smug elf, along with the hyper-organised parents who can be innovative and creative for the whole of December, all seem pretty tiresome.

But there are lots of ways that Santa’s creepy spy could actually be the ultimate parenting ally.

1. Toilet training.

2. Leaving both shoes in one place.

3. Telling the time.

4. Writing Christmas cards.

5. Brushing their teeth.

6. Putting their seatbelt on.

7. Helping put the washing in the machine.

8. Behaving at school.

9. Changing the toilet roll.

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