23/03/2016 15:20 GMT | Updated 23/03/2016 15:22 GMT

25 Style Lessons We Could All Take From Elizabeth Taylor

Arguably the world's most desirable woman, Elizabeth Taylor died five years ago today.

Elizabeth Taylor lived fast and plentifully, married seven men - one twice - nearly died umpteen times through serious illness, fought like a tigress for the people she loved and the causes she embraced, and finally left us five years ago today. 

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Whether it was a new jewel or a husband, Elizabeth Taylor always had the perfect accessory.

Through all that, from her stature as a child star to arguably the world's most desirable woman, she acquitted herself with wit, a twinkle in her eye, more twinkles on her bejewelled fingers and, invariably, in great style. 

Here, on the anniversary death, are just 25 lessons in being your best, from the woman who left it in her will that she would be a few minutes late, yes, even to her own funeral. 

We miss you, Ms Taylor, and there's no one quite like you around. 

  • Plaid Can Definitely Be Pretty
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    The checked print doesn't always have to evoke a lumberjack.
  • Sometimes, You Just Need To Dress Up
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    Ladylike gowns aren't going anywhere fast.
  • Keeping It Casual Is Also Cool
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    A simple sweatshirt can be just as effective as a dress, especially if diamond accessories are involved.
  • Elegance Is Key
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  • You Can Still Be Sexy While Covered Up
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    It's all about balance! As proven by Liz, a sheer shirt with a cami underneath reveals the illusion of bare skin, providing just the right amount of allure and mystery.
  • Lingerie Is Undeniably Sexy
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    Even if it's quite conservative.
  • Details Are Key
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    Liz knew that interesting details, like a laced or scalloped hem, went a long way in making an outfit memorable.
  • Holiday Dressing Doesn't Need To Be Tacky
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  • Athletic Wear Is Most Definitely Cool
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    How can one make a parker look so cool?
  • One-Pieces Are Ridiculously Classy
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    Especially when they're leopard print.
  • You Can't Go Wrong With A Fur Stole
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    So plush, so classy.
  • Airport Style is Most Definitely Important
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    You may want to be comfy, but that doesn't mean you can't look stylish at the same time.
  • See What We Mean?
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    Liz knew that even at the airport, she had to step up her style game.
  • The Right Jewelry Can Make All The Difference
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    Big earrings (or a statement necklace) can bring an ensemble to the next level.
  • Separates Are Just As Great As Dresses
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    Because sometimes, you just prefer a skirt.
  • Floral Prints Always Look Fresh
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    So pretty!
  • Crisp White Is Oh-So-Classy
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    Isn't it? There's just something about a crisp white shirt that speaks to us.
  • A Little Bit Of Lipstick Goes A Long Way
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    One's beauty look is just as important as their outfit.
  • Showing Off Your Curves Is A Positive Thing
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    Even if you don't do it all the time, showing off those curves of yours can really add a boost of confidence.
  • Great Tailoring Is Necessary
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    Because every lady needs a sharp power blazer.
  • Smart Is Always Sexy
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    Enough said.
  • Accessories Are Just As Important As Your Outfit
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    Whether a cute clutch, a sparkly brooch, or a wrist full of bracelets, sometimes you've just got to let your accessories speak for themselves.
  • Animals Almost Always Make An Outfit Better
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    So cute! And we know pets aren't accessories, but that doesn't mean they can't elevate one's style.
  • It's OK To Show Off A Little Leg
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    Especially if the rest of your ensemble is demure.