Peter Andre's Wife Emily Andréa Reveals She Was 'Disappointed' She Had To Have A Caesarean

'I felt like I had let him down.'

Emily Andréa has said she felt “disappointed” that she had to have a caesarean with her second child, Theo.

The 28-year-old, who is mum to three-year-old Amelia and 10-month-old Theo, said her son was breech, so she had a planned c-section.

“When I had Millie it was so quick and easy and I was just so happy with how it went, and I expected that to happen with Theo but it didn’t,” she said on ‘Lorraine’ on Thursday 14 September.

“The birth itself was fine but he was breech... it was a planned caesarean in the end, which I just didn’t expect. I felt disappointed.”


Andréa added: “I felt like I had let him down because it is more risky having a caesarean than having a natural birth so I was worried about him.

“I looked into all the risks and worried myself more than I should have done.”

Lorraine Kelly questioned whether being a doctor made Andréa worry more about having a caesarean because she was aware of the worst-case scenarios.

“It probably does make it worse,” Andréa agreed. “You see the complicated labours and the things that go wrong, so I probably did have that in my head.”

Andréa also said she found the recovery from the caesarean hard.

“I struggled quite a bit with the breastfeeding in terms of getting him in the right position and just not being able to drive,” she said.

“It’s silly things when you’re a new mum, made it really hard.”

The mum-of-two said if she were to have a third child she wouldn’t opt for a c-section, and would prefer to have a natural birth.

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