07/06/2018 17:51 BST | Updated 08/06/2018 09:26 BST

Emirates Airlines Unveils A Future Of Windowless Planes

It has already started using them in First Class.

Emirates will fully embrace new technologies by looking to create the first windowless planes, says its president Sir Tim Clark.

Speaking to the BBC, Sir Tim said that high-resolution screens embedded into fake windows were “so good, it’s better than with the natural eye.”

Emirates is the first airline to introduce windowless cabins after unveiling its ultra-exclusive First Class Private Suite on board the Airbus 777-300ER aircraft.

With just six private rooms available on each aircraft, passengers who buy a middle row room won’t have a view of the outside. To compensate, Emirates has placed tiny cameras on the outside of the aircraft and then beams high-resolution video footage to fake windows inside the room.


Sir Tim also extolled the financial and safety benefits that come with a fully windowless aircraft.

With no windows on the sides of the aircraft it is more structurally sound and has fewer weak points. It also means that it’ll be lighter which in turns saves money on fuel costs and could then bring down the costs of tickets.

Of course there are negatives to consider as well. A windowless plane gives cabin crew little or no view of what’s happening outside of the plane should there be an emergency.

They also rely on electricity, which means that any technical issues could result in the rather unpleasant effect of having your outside flicker, or disappear completely.


Until now, the concept of windowless aircraft has been restricted to either concepts or the ultra-exclusive private market.

Many of the supersonic aircraft currently in development have claimed that they will use fully windowless cabins, showing off lavish interiors with vast curved displays that stretch from the floor to the ceiling.

For now though if you want to experience this digital view of the outside world you’ll need to cough up the cash for one of Emirates most exclusive, and expensive, plane tickets.