Fake Tan Brand Emmaatan Comes In A Shade Called 'Black'

People are accusing the brand of cultural appropriation.

A fake tan brand has been accused of selling 'blackface in a bottle' due to its dark colour and shade names.

Swedish company Emmaatan sells bottles of fake tan in shades like 'Black', 'Onyx', 'Caramel' and 'Dark Chocolate'.

The company also has an Instagram page showing dramatic before and after pictures of customers trying out the tan.

But many people have accused Emmaatan of cultural appropriation. "Our skin colour that we are still today being judged by is now a fashion trend," one commenter wrote.

Clutch magazine also wrote that the product sells the message: "want to be black without the burden?"

Emmaatan founder Emma Patissier took to Instagram to address the comments, apologising "for the misunderstanding".

"My colour isn't going for black it's going for a natural golden tan when you wash it off," she wrote.

"I never want my customers to look unnatural or too dark since we usually have a lighter skin tone.

"You also have to understand I have people with dark and pale skin tones and therefore look darker or lighter.

"I love all skin types and that's why I think people should be able to choose what they feel good in, as long as you respect people around you."