30/03/2017 09:17 BST

'Emmerdale': Faith Dingle Mastectomy Scenes Praised By Viewers

Actress Sally Dexter has been singled out in particular.

‘Emmerdale’ has been lauded by viewers, following an emotional scene which saw Faith Dingle baring her mastectomy scars in the mirror.

In Wednesday’s (29 March) episode, Faith - who returned to the Dales after a 13-year absence - was seen trying all she could to repair her broken relationship with her daughter, Chas.

Faith and Chas have it out

After they both laid their cards on the table in an emotional heart to heart, it seemed that mother and daughter might finally have been able to leave the past behind them.

However, Chas was left upset when Faith refused her offer of a hug, though viewers only found out why she was reluctant at the end of the episode, when Sally Dexter’s character broke down as it was revealed to viewers for the first time that she’d undergone a double mastectomy prior to her return.

Faith Dingle, played by Sally Dexter

The emotional scene got was applauded by viewers, who branded the moment Sally took off her bra and revealed her scars in the mirror both “powerful” and “heartbreaking”.

Actress Sally Dexter said of the scenes, which were filmed using a body double: “I am delighted we are covering this story. It shows the many people who are dealing with this situation that they are not alone, they need not be ashamed, and that more and more women live and thrive with this condition.”

As if things weren’t already emotional enough in ‘Emmerdale’, they won’t be letting up anytime soon, with bosses confirming that Ashley Thomas’s death scene will air next week.

The character - portrayed by John Middleton - has been at the centre of a hard-hitting dementia storyline for more than a year now, and in that time, fans of ‘Emmerdale’ have heaped praise on the show for the sensitive way in which they’ve tackled the tricky subject.

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